The Flower and the Fool. (second draft)

   A white flower grew at the center of a dark field within the mountains of Y’ldore. Luminescent willow tree branches shone an ominous teal glow in the moonless night. The white flower, though beautiful in nature, stood as a grim omen for all. A sign of a bleak future lay with the meaning of this pale flower.
  The wind blows and carries the mournful voices of the shining willows. Hushed cries of warning: Stay away! Turn back! Protect all which is precious to you! Oh such woe expressed with each cry, yet in the breeze, the warnings go unheeded!
  A young man, such a fool to be where he is, approaches the flower. What a fool to seek such a cursed thing.
“Run! Turn back!” the willows scream, but, as with many things, reason and warning is lost in the wind.
   Drawn as a moth to flame, the child continues his foolish quest, seeing not the flower but the maiden for whom he seeks it for. 
      Turn away! Turn away!
      Turn away! Turn away!
And yet, his hand grips the stem of the flower and pulls from the earth. A rumble in the distance grew as mountains crumbled to dust, the sky shattered as glass, and the oceans of the world began to boil. The world is falling apart around this fool, but despite the catastrophe around him, he still holds the flower! He holds the flower for the one he loves knowing it meant chaos for the world but nothing to her. 
   What a fool he is. 


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