The Truth of Man. (second draft)

   Mirrored in the water’s reflection, fireflies dance above the cool surface of Murkberry River. The river moved calm and slow as water insects skate left and right. Their delicate movements create ripples on the water, barely visible to the eye. A chilling shadow stretches across the placid surface of the river as the world around me descended into a state of twilight. The fireflies dim their lights and the water insects scurry into hiding. The shadow brings with it an uncomfortable silence and the world darkens before me.
   “Oh Darkness, why must you bring such a presence with you?” asks I.
   “What is this presence you speak of child?” replied the shadow.
                 “Under darkness, evil is present.
                  Under darkness, sadness is felt.
                  The darkness brings the shadow and
                  chases away the beauty of life,” 
proclaims I.

The shadow laughs and speaks to me, “Darkness is to be feared?”

“I am nothing more than a spirit at rest.
It is man who fears me, not I demanding man to fear me. 
I am a spirit who’s come to this river to rest.
I open the doorways to the dream so that man can make life beautiful.

Without me, light would burn the skin of man and blind him.
Man fears me because he cannot understand me.
Man needs to see to believe,
However, he never thinks of seeing beyond his own sight.
He has called me evil and blames all but himself for death and suffering.
Demons are a manifestation of man’s fear,
Just as heroes are a manifestation of man’s courage.
To think that I am a creator of all evil would give me far too much credit!

Yes, I am a bringer of darkness, but not the darkness man fears:
                         I bring the night so man can rest.
                         I bring dreams to the minds of slumbering men.
                         And bring peace to the restless.

                  So blame me not!
       For the birth of your demons.
                  Blame me not!
       For the hatred in your hearts.
                  Blame me not!
       For man’s inability to find peace.
                 And blame me not!
       For your sins.
The darkness you fear lies within the hearts of the ones you call: 
mother, brother, sister, father, friend, lover. 
The darkness you fear is the fear of the foolish!
Man is a beast growling at his own shadow!
Afraid of what he cannot understand!
                          Such a sad and pitiful thing!

Leave me to rest young child.
Leave me to rest and take upon rest yourself.
For now that you are aware of the truth of man, 
maybe now you can dream of a new age of man.
An age in which mean fears not his shadow.”


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