Don’t listen to them Sister, for I think you are beautiful: your garments hide your figure and show only your eyes.
     If one considers the eyes as the gateway to the soul,
     you are a walking spirit among those who cannot see nor understand you.
     I see you and it is they who I cannot understand.
     They reveal their bodies to feel beauty, but is it beauty they feel? Or the hungry eyes of men.
     Every day their faces are covered with different types of chemical warpaint to portray the beauty they need to feel,
     but is it beauty they really need?
     Sister I assure you that within your garments, you reveal more about yourself than those who criticize your tradition.

    On their Instagram and Facebook, pictures of themselves doing what they do with their friends, their dogs,
    their shots of soju, henny, patron, grey goose, and every other drink under the alcoholic sun.
    They constantly portray themselves in sexy poses, puckered lips, painted nails, and painted toes.
    Show off them shoulders,
    Show off them legs,
    Strap on them heels,
    It’s Lady’s Night bitches!
    Look at all the things they do! Oh how glamourous!
    But do we actually see them?
    Revealing your physical, yet letting your spiritual hide in the corner.
    Sister, their warpaint and lifestyle hides more than your garments ever will.
    I don’t see grown, or respectable women. I see girls pretending to be Barbies.
    But I grow too critical. They are not to blame.
    It is not the fault of anyone really, it’s merely supply and demand. So let’s make new demands.
    Let’s demand to become walking spirits.
    Let’s throw away our war-paint, our masks, and let’s uncover the truth of what we are.
    Let us reveal ourselves through the mind and not the body.
    And sister,
   Let us have spirits walk the Earth once more. 


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