Be patient, be still young one and listen.
Listen to the voices around you.
Listen to the soft hymns of the angels,
Listen to the angry roars of the devils,
Listen to the confused mutterings of the lost.
Listen to them all, they have stories to tell.
They will tell tales of happiness,
Tales of sorrow,
and tales of tales told unto them.
They will teach you lessons,
teach you tricks,
and warn you of traps along the road.
The road, Oh how it twists and turns!
Appears and vanishes!
Nurtures and destroys!
Oh how your feet ache!
Legs shake!
and body break under the fatigue!
Weakness will overtake you,
and still these cursed voices cry!
To help, to help, to help, is all they desire.
The angels, the devils, and the lost,
they all find their place eventually,
and you will too.
Listen to the voices, but act upon your own.
For one day another will need guidance,
and you will call from Home. 


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