9/27/13: 4 New posts!

Hello strangers or friends!

I have 4 new things to read: Voices, Conversation, The To-Do List, and Coverup! Each have a fun little story behind them.

Voices is basically a poem-like message I would write to my younger self. I knew when I was in middle school I wanted to be a writer of some kind, but I wasn’t sure how. I didn’t know where to go, I wasn’t entirely sure how to pursue it. I figured once I went to high school I’d know for sure if I’d do it or not. Unfortunately, my first day of high school English scared me away from writing. I still knew deep down this is what I wanted, but sadly, I ignored the voice within myself telling me to pursue this path. It wasn’t until earlier this year I finally listened to myself and decided to go along with it. These past couple months writing has actually been very uplifting because now I have no doubt about the direction my life is heading. My only regret is that I didn’t listened to the voices calling me to this path which is why I wrote Voices.

Conversation is a quick little idea I had about an exchange of words between a devout believer and someone who is questioning his/her beliefs. My mother and father are very devout Catholics and my sister and I aren’t so much. As you could imagine this creates some friction every once in a while. I’ve never hated my parents for being as devoted as they are, in fact I admire it, but it’s frustrating having alternative religious ideas. Sometimes it feels like they don’t understand me, but on the other side of this coin, I could see they feel the same frustration with me. Conversations was written to portray this feeling of mutual frustration and misunderstanding.

The To-Do list is a little reflection of where my life is right now. When I wrote this, I kept writing and I didn’t stop for about 40 minutes. If I could draw upon a parallel, it felt like I was Isaac Mendez in the tv show Heroes. (If you’re unsure of the reference, Youtube it real quick :]) Currently I am trying to stay sober. I realized my past couple months have been rather overwhelming: I got laid off at the beginning of June, applied to places and never got any call backs, found out my mother had breast cancer at the beginning of July, she went through a surgery, and now she’s still recovering. I considered these radical chain of events as the last chance I had to pursue my writing. So I enrolled in classes and now I’m on my way to finishing up an English degree. With everything going on, I became pretty overwhelmed and soon began relying upon smoking and drinking (mostly smoking) to help ease the tension. I decided to stay sober until the end of the semester because I realized it was starting to get in the way of everything I was doing.

Coverup is the thoughts that went through my mind when I saw some immature college chicks laughing at a girl wearing a burka. This all happened within a fraction of a second: a lady in a burka walking by and three girls sitting at the benches laughing at here saying, “i dont get why they wear those!” These chicks were dressed in short-shorts, tank tops, and had their faces all done up all nasty on a cold-ass day, the same question  applied to them. This event, like I said, occurred within a fraction of a second, but it bothered me throughout the day. It bothered me so much so that I wrote Coverup.

Thank you again for reading, I hope you all enjoy!


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